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Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Pillow Encasing

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Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Mattress Encasing

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Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Duvet Comforter Cover Encasing

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6 Gauge Vinyl Box Springs Encasing

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Measuring Instructions Washing Instructions How to Put On Encasings

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DeVilbiss  Pulmo Aide LT 3650D Owners Guide

pulmo-aide-lt.jpg (3325 bytes)

View as a Web Page Owner's Guide English

Owner's Guide English, Espanol, French 501kb PDF file

Devilbiss Pulmo - Aide LT Model 3650D Compressor Nebulizer


Pulmo-Aide LT Compressor

pulmo-aide-lt.jpg (3325 bytes)

Model 3650D

(Medical Code E0570)

Micro Mist Disposable Nebulizer

MicroMist Disposable Nebulizer

(Medical Code A7003)

MicroMist Pediatric Face Mask (PAM 10)

MicroMist Pediatric Face Mask (PAM 10)

(Medical Code A7015)

MicroMist Adult Face Mask (AAM 20)

MicroMist Adult Face Mask (AAM 20)


micro-mist-disposable.jpg (9322 bytes)

6 Micro Mist Disposable Nebulizers (3 Month Supply for Pulmo Aide LT Compressor) (Medical Code A7003)


MicroMist Pediatric Face Mask (PAM 10)

Pediatric Face Mask for 3 Years Old Patients (PAM10) for MicroMist Disposable Nebulizer (Medical Code A7015)


MicroMist Adult Face Mask (AAM 20)

Adult Face Mask for Older Patients (AAM20) for MicroMist Disposable Nebulizer (Medical Code A7015)


3650d-filters.jpg (8703 bytes)

5 Air Filters - 5650D-602

Air Filter for the Pulmo Aide LT Compressor Nebulizer Model 3650D

Look at the Label on the back or bottom of your unit for the Model Number



UPS Shipping & Handling - UPS Ground Only 48 States
Up to $50..........$6.00 per Order
$50 to $100........$8.00 Per Order
Over $100..........$10.00 per Order

Pulmo Aide LT Compressor Nebulizer Patient Guide English & Espanol View Only (will not print) 324kb PDF File

pulmo-aide-lt.jpg (17430 bytes)

Pulmo-Aide LT 3650D Compressor  / Nebulizer
Size 7.7" x 4.1" 13" inch
Weight 6 lbs / 2.7 kg
Maximum Compressor Pressure 35- 40 psig
Free Air Flow (lpm) 8 lpm
Nebulizer Operating Pressure 11-16 psi
Sound Level 58  dBa
Compressor Type Piston
Electrical Requirements 115 VAC 60 Hz 2.5 A
Electrical Approval UL
Power Consumption 140 Watts
Warranty 5 Year

filter.gif (8232 bytes)

filter2.gif (8038 bytes)

1. 2-Prong Line Cord 4. SSP Door (One)
2. Air Filter (Change Every 6 Months  -  Cork Shape) 5. Power Switch
3. Air Filter Cap 6. Push-In-Feet


Pulmo-Aide LT 3650D Compressor - Disposable Nebulizers


pulmo-aide-lt.jpg (3325 bytes)


Pulmo Aide Model LT 3650D Compressor & MicroMist Disposable Nebulizer (lasts 14 days)

New 5 Year Factory Warranty on Compressor

120 Volts Plug in the Wall

Order Extra Disposable Nebulizers Last 14 days.

Disposable Nebulizer (lasts 14 days)

Micromist Nebulizer 4650D- 621

MicroMist Disposable Nebulizer 4650D- 621

(Medical Code A7003)

Used with any of the DeVilbiss compressor/nebulizers for treatment of asthmatic patients.

Designed for comfortable administration of fine mists of uniform density to reach deep into lung cavity.

Single-Patient, Multi-Use Disposable Nebulizer w/Mouthpiece, T-piece & 7' Tubing, (Capacity 6 ml) The simple three-piece design is easy to assemble and clean. The break-resistant plastic provides the patient with 14 days of use. Price $2.50 each   or  6 for $15



pulmo-aide-lt.jpg (3325 bytes)

Disposable Nebulizer (lasts 14 days)

6 Disposable Nebulizers

Pulmo Aide LT Model 3650D Compressor  / Nebulizer & 6 Disposable Nebulizers (Lasts 3 Months).

New 5 Year Factory Warranty on Compressor

120 Volts Plug in the Wall

micromist-nebulizer-package.jpg (7887 bytes) micro-mist-disposable.jpg (9322 bytes)
Replace your disposable nebulizer every 14 day!

6 MicroMist Disposable Nebulizers 4650D- 621

How long can I keep using my disposable nebulizer parts?

Although there are no set standards, it is generally accepted that disposable nebulizers should be replaced about every 2 weeks. Continued usage causes the orifice inside the nebulizer to become enlarged. This affects the particle size of the mist. Although you will still see a mist, the particles will become too large to reach the lower airways in your lungs. Therefore if you use the disposable nebulizer too long you will begin to get less benefit from the treatment. Be sure to follow your physician's directions and your homecare supplier's directions in care and cleaning of the nebulizer and replacement of the nebulizer.

MicroMist 4650D-620  

MicroMist 4650D-621

Single-Patient, Multi-Use Disposable Nebulizers

Nebulizer Life: 14 days

(Medical Code A7003)

MicroMist Pediatric Face Mask (PAM 10)

MicroMist Pediatric Face Mask (PAM10) (Medical Code A7015)

MicroMist Adult Face Mask (AAM 20)

MicroMist Adult Face Mask (AAM20) (Medical Code A7015)

micro-mist-pam10.jpg (10595 bytes) micro-mist-aam20.jpg (10368 bytes)



filter.gif (8232 bytes)

How often does the air filter (picture part # 2) need to be changed?

When the air filter turns grey in color – approximately every 6 months.

(Looks like a cork.)

Air Filter Change for the Pulmo Aide LT Compressor Nebulizer Model 3650D

3650d-filters.jpg (8703 bytes)

DeVilbiss 3650D Pulmo Aide LT Compressor Nebulizer air filter should be changed every six months or sooner if filter turns completely gray in color.



The Pulmo Aide LT 3650D Compressor and the PulmoMate 4650D Compressor Use The Same Electric Motor and Piston Pump Configuration!

Here Are Some Internal Pictures of the PulmoMate  4650D - Internal View

3650d-internal.jpg (7446 bytes)  

The PulmoMate Internal View

Electrical On / Off Switch on the left

Hose Tubing Connections

Clear (Suction) Air Hose from the air filter in the center.

White (Supply) Air Hose from the piston pump on the right.

3650d-motor-pump.jpg (9005 bytes) The PulmoMate Internal View

Electric Motor on the right with a Fan Blade to cool off the motor.

The PulmoMate Compressor Piston Pump on the left.

suction-stroke.jpg (10103 bytes) The PulmoMate Internal View

Piston Pump

Suction Stroke

compression-stroke.jpg (10014 bytes)  

The PulmoMate Internal View

Piston Pump

Compression Stroke





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