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Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Pillow Encasing

pillow encasing

Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Mattress Encasing

mattress encasing

Allersoft Poly/Cotton Blend Duvet Comforter Cover Encasing

duvet encasing

6 Gauge Vinyl Box Springs Encasing

box springs encasings

Measuring Instructions Washing Instructions How to Put On Encasings

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AllerSoft Poly / Cotton Blend Dust Mite Allergy Relief Encasings

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If you or someone you love suffers from the misery of dust mite allergies, we can offer some hope and some relief. We have the most effective encasings for Dust Mite Allergies and we're here to make your life simpler and more enjoyable.

The Softest Dust Mite Allergy Relief Encasings Anywhere!

But don't take our word for it, Feel our 100% Cotton & Poly/Cotton Blend Fabrics before you buy any other!

Catalogs are sent free by US Mail! Our 1 Page Catalog has Both Swatch Samples of Aller-Cotton and Aller-Soft Poly/Cotton Encasings.

Email us Your Address for a Catalog and a Free Swatch Sample!


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Dust Mite Proof / Allergen Proof Encasings

pillow encasing

Pillow Encasing

mattress encasing

Mattress Encasing

box springs encasings

Box Springs Encasing

duvet encasing

Duvet Comforter Cover Encasing

featherbed-small.jpg (1660 bytes)

Featherbed Cover Encasing

Model 13520 Honeywell Air Cleaner

Honeywell 13520

Model 13520 Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaner with 4 Charcoal Prefilters

Owner's Guide

Charcoal Prefilter

Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Charcoal Prefilters

2 for $9.90

pre-filter.gif (3420 bytes)

Dust Eater Electrostatic Air Filter

Dust Eater Electrostatic Air Filter $69.90

24 Different Sizes

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ultra.jpg (13150 bytes)

Pari has a New Compressor the Proneb Ultra with the LC Plus Reusable Nebulizer

Deluxe Model Price $94.90

Proneb Ultra Owners Guide

The approval of this new system is good news for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. The PRONEB ULTRA may reduce treatment time to as little as 5 minutes, faster than any other system on the market today. It is also more efficient than other compressor/nebulizer systems, delivering a higher percentage of medication into the patients' lungs and minimizing waste of aerosol medicine.


Pari Compressors and Reusable Nebulizers

Pari Proneb Turbo Compressor & LC Star Nebulizer

Pari Proneb Turbo Compressor & LC Star Nebulizer

Owner's Guide English, Espanol,Francais 222kb PDF file

Pari Proneb Compressor & LC Plus Nebulizer

Pari Proneb Compressor & LC Plus Nebulizer

Owner's Guide English, Espanol,Francais 237kb PDF file

Portable and Cordless Compressors and Reusable Nebulizers

Duraneb 3000 Portable Compressor Nebulizer


Duraneb 3000 Portable Compressor Nebulizer $289.90

18 Treatments/Battery Charge & Weighs 5 Lbs.


& English, Espanol, Francais PDF Files

Walkhaler Cordless Compressor Nebulizer


Walkhaler Cordless Compressor Nebulizer $349.90

4 Treatments/Battery Charge & Weighs 2 Lbs.


Pari LC Plus Nebulizer

Pari LC Plus Reusable Nebulizer $14.90

Owner's Guide English, Espanol,Francais 227kb PDF file

lcstar.jpg (1320 bytes)

Pari LC Star Reusable Nebulizer $16.90


Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Face Mask

Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Face Mask $2

Owner's Guide English, Espanol,Francais 94kb PDF file

babymask.jpg (3160 bytes)

Pari Baby Infant Mask $17

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First National Survey Shows American's Bedding Can Make Them Sick

First National Allergen Survey Shows American's Bedding Can Make Them Sick; Dust Mite Allergens the Culprit. The American Lung Association recommends reducing exposure to dust mites by covering pillows, mattresses, and box springs with mite-proof encasings.

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